Terry Hancock, Business Development Director for Faustine Furniture, is a 12 year veteran of the design industry, previously working in sales and management for Palecek and Urban Colony in Los Angeles. His keen sense of design has aided clients in achieving their objectives while at the same time building lasting relationships and garnering record sales.

Before his years in furniture, Terry had an extensive career in radio broadcasting, as on-air talent, programming, management, and sales. He steered several major-market stations to top ratings and produced several large concerts, each with over 60,000 attendees.
Terry decided to switch to the furniture industry from radio because he felt he'd already accomplished his goal of creating great sound----now he wanted to expand to a more visual industry, and furniture was the perfect fit.

Terry believes that providing beautiful, comfortable, and accessible furniture is a crucial element in creating spaces for the prosperity of the mind, body, and soul. He is thrilled to be associated with Faustine, a deep commitment to client satisfaction while providing an extensive line of high-quality earth-conscious products.

Terry enjoys exploring nature, hanging out with family and friends, painting, working out, traveling, history, cities, and eating Mexican food. The hotter, the better!