About Us

Faustine furniture is a provider of statement furniture solutions sourced both locally and abroad. The cornerstone of our business is creating and engaging unique backdrops in hospitality and office spaces. We support our local craftspeople featuring locally sourced material as well as internationally curated pieces.

Meet The Team:

Deep Gill  
Deep, a passionate entrepreneur is a co-founder of Faustine Furniture. With experience in supply chain, operations and business development, he’s committed to bringing the best and latest solutions to his clients. He travels the world curating exceptional creations, keeping Faustine Furniture on and ahead of trends. 
When he’s not working he’s up early at the gym teaching his eldest daughter how to box and play basketball and doesn’t miss a tea party with the youngest.
Seema Gill
Seema, co-founder of Faustine Furniture comes with  10 years of Project Management, 5 years of business development and 20+ years of client relationship management. With her passion for art, she brings a creative flair to the team. When she’s not busy working you will find her with a paintbrush in hand or taking in new adventures with her husband and kids all around the world. Her family lives by the motto “ to travel is to inspire and to be inspired”
Terry Hancock
Head of Business Development

Terry, Head of Business Development, is a 10 year veteran of the design industry, having previously worked in sales and management for Palecek and Urban Colony in Los Angeles.  His keen sense of design has aided clients achieve their objectives, while at the same time building lasting relationships and garnering record sales.

Prior to his years in furniture, Terry had an extensive career in radio broadcasting; as on-air talent, programming, management and sales. Terry decided to make the switch to the furniture industry from radio because he felt he’d already accomplished his goal of creating great sound -  now expanding to a more visual industry and furniture was the perfect fit. 

Terry enjoys exploring nature, hanging out with family and friends, painting, working out, travel, history,  cities, and eating Mexican food….the hotter the better!

Matthew Estremera
Social Media Manager
Matthew is a video producer turned digital marketer. He absolutely brings an entrepreneurs mindset to the table, and it's not just an idea - he actually gets the job done!  He thrives in creative situations and loves to bring an innovative mindset.  Originally from Cleveland, Ohio - Matthew enjoys hiking, surfing, and traveling."
Omer Gunay
Supply Chain Manager

Omer has worked in the Furniture Industry in Turkey for more than 13 years. He started as a Customer Service Representative leading to gaining experience in Customer Relationship, Marketing and Export Sales at a variety of levels. After 5 years he decided to focus on Export Sales and has been happily been doing this for the past 8 years. 

Many years ago, he met Deep at one of biggest Furniture Show in Istanbul, Turkey. That's when his journey began with Faustine Furniture.  As the Supply Chain Manager,  he manages all of the supplier partnerships in Turkey.

He loves to play video games and watch sports in his free time. He also enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking Italian food. 

Zoey Snyder
Sales Associate

 Zoey, a sales associate for Faustine, is a current student working on pursuing a degree in Architecture and Design. Her passion for interior and structural design reflects in the services she provides to the company and the clientele. With over 7 of hospitality experience also she brings a warm and personable approach to sales, and enjoys engaging with people in a positive light. Zoey is a visual artist, musicitian, dancer, and graphic designer who also enjoys reading, swimming, and spending time with her dog Suki.

Miguel Gonzalez
Sales Associate
Miguel is a California native who enjoys working closely with clients to make their vision come to life. Miguel believes in running a solution based company and makes sure clients expectations are not only met but surpassed. As part of the Sales team, he builds relationships with Clients by understanding their needs and connecting them to the right products.When he isn’t working, you’ll find Miguel exploring Los Angeles, volunteering in his community, and cooking new recipes.