About Us

Faustine furniture is a provider of statement furniture solutions sourced both locally and abroad. The cornerstone of our business is creating and engaging unique backdrops in hospitality and office spaces. We support our local craftspeople featuring locally sourced material as well as internationally curated pieces.

Meet The Team:

Deep Gill  
Deep, a passionate entrepreneur is a co-founder of Dala Décor. With experience in supply chain, operations and business development, he’s committed to bringing the best and latest solutions to his clients. He travels the world curating exceptional creations, keeping Dala Décor on and ahead of trends. 
When he’s not working he’s up early at the gym teaching his eldest daughter how to box and play basketball and doesn’t miss a tea party with the youngest.
Seema Gill
Seema, co-founder of Dala Décor comes with  10 years of Project Management, 5 years of business development and 20+ years of client relationship management. With her passion for art, she brings a creative flair to the team. When she’s not busy working you will find her with a paintbrush in hand or taking in new adventures with her husband and kids all around the world. Her family lives by the motto “ to travel is to inspire and to be inspired”